We'll keep on marching forward, just as always.
Don't Follow If...
  • I'm uncomfortable with fictionkin/IDs in general
  • Other than that... I don't really have any particular criteria....
  • Just dont be an asshole?
  • Ok.

Before You Follow
  • I curse quite a bit,,
  • IDOLiSH7 is my main fandom, but I'm Multifandom!
  • Keysmashes and LiveTweets are Often.
    >>>> Livetweets are mostly kept to a thread.
  • Selective Followback.
    >>>> Will read any extended abouts if there's any available.
  • (Re)Tweet heavy at times. Feel free to mute.
  • Multishipper. I rarely talk about ships, but i do kinda just?? rt art of any ship because All Art Is Pretty......
  • Tag me in stuff with my faves and I will be so shooked and will wuv u 4ever
  • Actually just tag me in anything and I'll still be shooked and will wuv u 4ever
  • I'm really shy. Awkward at first, but after that I'll say receipt-material stuff you can bully me about at a later time. plz dont bully me
  • I never deactivate, but I do sometimes disapear. DM if you need to get a hold of me for any reason, I'll respond as soon as I can.
  • I'm usually found on my private when these happen.
  • The only tag I need is horror/insects, other than that I'm cool!
  • I'll try my best to tag stuff for mutuals

  • Feel free to mute me anytime! I know I can spam your tl when fandom stuff happens, I understand! But if you're gonna mute me for long periods of time, I'd suggest you unfollow/break mutual.
  • If you plan on breaking mutuals, please softblock.
    If we're close, please tell me why.
  • I don't block unless you make me really uncomfortable somehow. Sorry.
  • I'll only mute if you start talking about discourse or controversial/political topics. Will unmute afterwards tho.